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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cordless Lawn Mowers

The cordless lawn mower is a recent innovation that is gaining popularity because of their gas-powered counterparts. Many individuals love the cordless lawn morew because of its flexibility and versatility as you do not have to worry about being restricted in one area. These kinds of mowers are powered by electricity and are quieter which is better for the environment. But all lawn mores have their pros and cons. It is important to consider both the benefits and disadvantages prior purchasing a lawn mower.


The cordless lawn mower does not require to be refilled with oil or gasoline and some avoidable messes, so it is much cleaner to use.

It is very easy to start the cordless mower. Compared to the gas-powered mowers whereby you have to pulllawn mowers away on the starting cord trying to get the mower to start is not a simple thing to do. In the spring time it gets frustrating trying to initiate the gas powered mowers. But in contrast, you will start a cordless mower by turning the key or pressing the button. Several types have a removable key to limit accidental starting.

There are few emissions from a cordless lawn mower. Gas mowers tend to emit more emissions that what you expect to see. Gas mowers do contribute a lot to environmental pollution.

These types of mowers do not have an electrical cord that you have to wrestle and move with it everywhere which is not very safe. Adding to that the movement of the corded mowers is limited to the length of the cable used.


It limits you on how long you take mower as you need to recharge or charge your battery, unlike corded lawn morews do not have to stop and recharge first before you continue. For you to use a cordless lawn mower, you need to acquire a second battery which when it is charging you are using the other one. But if you have a small area to cover the corded lawn mowers are efficient as they can be used for space of up to a third an acre.

Cordless are termed as a green alternative, though they are not 100% environmentally friendly. Their batteries require to be recharged which comes from utilizing generated fossil fuels. Okay, its emissions are not as much as the gas powered lawn morew. The other issue is disposing of the battery when they are finished as they are harmful to the environment if they are disposed of in an open field.