Foundation Waterproofing Materials

Foundation waterproofing is a method in which a protective membrane is applied to the outside of the foundation wall to restrict water from entering the basement interior. It helps in keeping the interior area dry. Without this method, water can easily enter through the cracks in the foundation wall. The Waterseal Waterproofing Pty Ltd provides the waterproofing services to buildings.

Waterproofing the foundation

waterproofing No one would not want to come home to a flooded or leaky basement. Therefore it is important to be cautious from the start and take preventive measures. Foundation Waterproofing helps in preventing sump pump malfunctions and mold damage. Not all basements and its conditions are same, so it is important to hire an experienced contractor for the job who will offer a comprehensive solution which will last for a long
time. Here are some options for foundation waterproofing:


It is a relatively cheap and easily available material for foundation waterproofing. It can be mixed easily and applied with a brush. To make it bond better to the surface and create a more stable coating, an acrylic solution can be added to the cement.

Rubber membrane

It is an effective and eco-friendly way to protect your basement from flooding. It contains no toxic substances and causes no damage to the surrounding property. It can be applied to both the interior and exterior surfaces to stop not only water but also insects and moisture. You can apply it by painting or spraying.


Thick and sticky liquid tar can be applied to the surface to act as a barrier for water to enter the basement. It can be applied in layers to prevent water from passing through.


It is clay like material which can absorb water. It can create a permanent seal and can be combined with butyl rubber to form a sheet which can stop water from passing through walls and cracks. It is non-toxic. Therefore it is easy to use and apply. It also protects any damage to the nearby property.


In this, a drain or a trench is installed underground to prevent water from making its way to the basement. It is the most efficient method if done properly.


waterproofing  serviceFoundation waterproofing can be done from both inside and outside. You can select either interior or exterior foundation waterproofing method according to the requirement. It is easy to keep a basement dry through waterproofing, drainage, and sealants. Whether you are suffering from a wet basement or looking for ways to prevent basement flooding, it is a good idea to invest in foundation waterproofing.